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The Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

Our process involves a phase-based methodology that supports the creation of tailored solutions. The systems development life cycle is a systematic framework that outlines project development in operational stages. This model supports information management and organization, documents progression, and cyclically revolves so that design iterations can occur in contiguous development phases. Ourcatech has modeled a customized version of this framework to guide our practice in the design, development, and integration of your digital business solutions.

Maintain & Review
Phase 1

Exploratory Consultation

During the exploratory consultation we will connect, discuss capabilities, and establish a rapport with your team. We believe that active listening, effective communication, and respect between partners supports the foundation for sustainable relationships. Our primary goal within this session is to foster an environment of collaboration where a productive dialogue occurs. We aspire to better understand your business needs so that we can explore solutions that align with your objectives.

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Phase 2


Commencement of the SDLC begins in the planning phase, where we will break ground. Formulating a tailored action plan in alignment with your objectives requires team work and a systematic approach for tasks, activities, and deliverables. During this step, we will assess feasibility, identify opportunities, address dilemmas, detect voids, evaluate concepts, and collectively brainstorm to determine a sustainable solution that delivers value and meets your business needs.  

Ourcatech is committed to establishing goals with our clients that are realistic and attainable. Once confirmed, the project team will determine scope, assess organizational readiness, identify necessary resources, and establish a gauged timeline. Feasibility analysis, assessing risk, developing a detailed work plan, and monitoring project progression are essential elements of this cycle. By taking these actions, we will lay a solid foundation that we can build from, which propels us forward and supports the successful transformation of your digital assets.

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Phase 3


Within this phase we will conduct a strategic business analysis to assess viability of your digital assets, current website, integrated solutions, or network design. Collectively, we will determine features that perform well within your information system, and identify components that need to be redeveloped or efficiently expanded to support value in relationship or transactional marketing. We also will gather business requirements through techniques that elicit necessary information to guide us in developing a carefully tailored system proposal. The cornerstone of this cycle is to pinpoint what exactly will be required for successful ecosystem development.

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Phase 4


Progressing into the design phase is an integral development stage for the team. Key objectives of this cycle involve determining how the digital solution will be designed, engineered, and how it will functionally integrate within your network infrastructure. Aesthetic refinement is paramount and involves transforming ideas into distinguished concepts that coalesce with your business model. As we move towards implementation, each step is purposefully iterative to facilitate design evolutions.

Once confirmed, we will select a design strategy that corresponds well with your solution, create the information architecture, and functionally model the interface with end users in mind. Interface evaluation is essential! Ourcatech is cognizant of this fact, and we will test early, often, and throughout to ensure that your solution is compatible with your vision. Collectively, these measures will bolster confidence that we have made the right decisions for the right reasons as we advance towards implementation.

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Phase 5

Implementation & Testing

Arriving at the implementation phase is a developmental milestone. This is where our collaborative efforts come to fruition and we build upon the solid foundation we have established. During this cycle we will construct and integrate the tailored business solution within your network. We will select a conversion strategy and outline a business continuity plan that allows for a seamless transition of your digital solution.

Testing is critical during this stage to ensure that your newly developed system or digital asset is pragmatic, end-user friendly, and performs as designed. Careful attention will be geared towards detecting and preventing system bugs. Addressing glitches, debugging errors, and optimizing your solution before launch is imperative. Ourcatech understands the importance of mitigation measures and these actions will preserve time, capital, and resources.

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Phase 6

Maintenance & Review

Launching the tailored solution marks the beginning of promising prospects for your business. However, system sustainability depends upon purposeful conservation through the proactive measures of strategic review and scheduled maintenance. Post implementation audits are important to gain insights from our collaborations, the project, and to identify any future changes that may be needed for ecosystem continuity. Learning from our challenges and celebrating our triumphs allows us to grow from these experiences.

Web-based solutions and integrative technologies are dynamic elements that will constantly evolve, and being vigilant with your digital assets is essential to ensure your continued success online. Change is not easy and it's always challenging, that's a given! But when teams unify, set realistic and attainable goals, and work together for a common cause, almost anything can be accomplished. Ourcatech is committed to being a trusted liaison that can facilitate your vision.

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Our Partnerships

We help our Clients be courageous

Meaningful business relationships require respect, trust, and commitment between stakeholders. We value these principles, and your success is our success! Over the years we have had the pleasure of collaborating with some wonderful brands, institutions, PR firms, and marketing agencies.

  • Almond Board of California
  • Astellas
  • August Hill VC
  • Centers For Disease Control
  • Eli Lilly
  • Exercise.com
  • Fannie Mae
  • MWW PR
  • National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI)
  • Porter Novelli
  • Riviana Foods
  • Thin Air Digital
  • Treehouse Foods
  • Western Digital
  • 360 Quote
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This list continues to expand and we would be honored to add your name to our portfolio.