Ann Kwilinski


Chief Executive Officer

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Web Development & Brand Identity Design


Silver Digital Health Award

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Pratt Institute Alumni Seal

As the founder of Ourcatech, Ann Kwilinski is an interdisciplinary professional who leads by example. She is a gifted innovator trained in fine art & design at the esteemed Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. She brings decades of experience in creative direction, graphic design, marketing, strategic brand expansion, and front-end design.

Highly adaptive in her disciplines, she has spearheaded brand initiatives in a wide range of industry verticals that includes consumer-packaged goods, financial services, aerospace, and medical technologies. Ann has also managed teams, led global companies, and tackled challenging rebrands by creating successful marketing campaigns that expand revenue and connect consumers with specialized products.

As a lifelong learner, Ann has broadened her capabilities over the years, and she is passionate about information technology. Her depth of knowledge with front-end development and user experience (UX) is expansive. Ann's intuitive approaches have helped build and scale brands from the small and local to the corporate and international. These firms include Ebro Foods, the Almond Board of California, Ronzoni Pasta, Fannie Mae, Johnson & Johnson, and the Centers for Disease Control.

Ann is an avid traveler, and values the insights that you gain from exploration. She believes that there is only so much you can learn from a book, a web search, or by a picture. Truly knowing begins with your senses and translating that energy into design work is essential. Her philosophy began to shape during her studies abroad at the University of Denmark and the Domaine de Boisbuchet in France. Those experiences were fundamental and sparked her prevailing desire to explore, learn, and understand the world more intimately. She maintains that gaining outside perspective informs our creative experience and exploring the unknown is an integral part to fueling creativity.

Joshua Booker


Operations Director

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Quality Assurance, Research & Informatics


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University of Colorado Alumni Seal

As the cofounder and operations director, Joshua is an adept change agent and champion of collaboration. He holds a Master's of Science degree in healthcare informatics from the Anschutz Medical Campus at the University of Colorado. As an informatics specialist, Joshua utilizes data, information technology, and current research findings to guide his practice and professional recommendations. He understands the importance of stakeholder synergy, and is a quality advocate for tailored solutions.

His professional background in healthcare has shaped his perspectives regarding the employment of holistic approaches for people and their individual needs. Much like an interdisciplinary team would tailor a specialized care plan for a patient, Joshua embraces the same model when collaborating with businesses. While companies share commonalities, there are no universals. Joshua believes that sustainable changes depend upon developing cohesive action plans that are individualized and target the unique needs of a business.

During his tenure as a Registered Nurse, he practiced in a wide range of specialties as a case manager, patient educator, onboarding coordinator, staff supervisor, and clinical director. Intrigued by health technologies and how they are applied in medicine, Joshua shifted his focus to clinical informatics. He successfully expanded his skill set, honed his information management skills, supported research, and became a collaborative partner within system networks. His objective approaches are methodical, purposeful, and evidence-based.

Joshua approaches each project with a keen eye towards the end user and understands the psychology of human-computer interaction. He is a skilled project manager and copywriter, and has led interdisciplinary teams within their pursuits of translating research knowledge into clinical practice. A natural creative and astute problem solver, Joshua enjoys the journey of exploratory innovation. His specialized training, breadth of knowledge, and courage to question the status quo make him a dynamic cross-functional leader.

Our Valued Team Members

Ourcatech's interdisciplinary network is comprised of methodical researchers, senior designers, healthcare professionals, discerning informaticists, established developers, and versatile problem solvers. Our colleagues have decades of firsthand experience in the technical and creative arts where design expertise, informatics, and innovation merge together seamlessly.

We are driven by progression and devoted to building pragmatic and distinctively crafted digital experiences for our clients.

We are always looking for talented individuals to broaden our perspectives and compliment our team. Please send us a resume and links to your work and start OURCATECHING with us.