Ourcatech is a collaborative design and development company.

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Our Mission

To design digital business solutions that are tailored, sustainable, and profoundly impactful.

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How we deliver

By connecting and building extraordinary relationships with our business partners through the actions of listening, open communication, appreciation, positive feedback, and accountability.

Partnerships thrive when they are established with respect, confidence, integrity, and sincerity. Ourcatech builds a rapport and establishes a network of trust with our clients so that transformative innovation can occur. We accomplish our mission through approaches that examine predicaments holistically.

Business dilemmas are complex and problematic elements share an interdependent relationship with the whole. Our process involves tackling issues analytically, utilizing exploratory research to guide our recommendations, being commercially aware and insightful, and making the right choices for the right reasons. We always lead with integrity. Ourcatech believes in pushing the boundaries creatively to achieve something that is unique, ownable, and purposeful.

Our Principles

Principals keep us grounded, steady, and express a philosophy that we bring to any partnership.

Respect & Trust — Reflects the fundamental approach we have with our partners, their business, and the value of creative collaboration. We appreciate one another, embrace contributions, and collectively innovate to build a sustainable product.

Open-Mindedness — Allows us to be objective, receptive to new pathways, motivates us to investigate dilemmas holistically, and facilitates the discovery of tailored solutions.

Transparency — Promotes an environment of trust between stakeholders when information is shared openly, candid discourse occurs, and partners are honest about where they are and what they need to do to succeed.

Accountability — Facilitates a veracious regulatory structure for collaborative teams. Each member accepts ownership of their individual actions and responsibilities. Successful outcomes transpire when stakeholders are honest about challenges and possess resilience to calibrate efforts toward set goals.

Commitment — Compels our actions and obligations to our clients. When you succeed, we succeed! Ourcatech is devoted to building pragmatic and distinctively crafted digital experiences for our clients.

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Business Credentials

SBA WOSB Certified
DUNS Registered
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Certified Web Accessibility Specialist

IAAP Certified Professional Web Accessibility Specialist

Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies

IAAP Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies (CPACC)

Marketing Certifications

Mailchimp Partner
SalesForce Marketing Cloud Certified

We Believe

Business environments can be unpredictable and exhaustively exciting. While some things in the market cannot be controlled, there are elements that can be closely guarded, preserved, and scaled. Your digital assets and online business presence are the most valuable components of your company. How they are organized, managed, and presented are all under your control. Managing these ecosystems is necessary, but this process can be challenging for teams focused on the daily operations.

We can assist you in this endeavor and elevate your online business presence together. Empowering our partners is imperative, and developing meaningful relationships is our number one priority! Our approach with asset management projects is collaborative and methodically targeted to address your company needs. The positive impact of these pathways is monumental. When business solutions are tailored, cohesive, and designed with the end user in mind, this approach preserves time, capital, and resources. Moreover, the beneficial effects on client satisfaction, retention, and investment returns is remarkable.

While companies share commonalities, there are no universals. Ourcatech understands this reality. Our goal is to examine and thoroughly understand your dilemma, effectively collaborate, and collectively tailor an action plan that meets the unique needs of your business. We believe in structuring projects with a solid foundation and following a systematic approach. Ourcatech proactively utilizes a phase-based methodology that follows a rational path to support each stage in the development life cycle. This approach supports the creation of tailored solutions and promotes synergy between partners.

We understand that change is not easy and it's always challenging, that's a given! But when teams unify, set realistic and attainable goals, and work together for a common cause, almost anything can be accomplished. Ourcatech is committed to being a trusted liaison that can facilitate your vision.

In the search for the answer, lies the answer.

- Frank Lloyd Wright

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